Milk production -
Trolle Ljungby

Milk production

On Trolle Ljungby have milk production occurred in several hundred years, but since 1989, was shot on a larger scale.

A foreman and four zookeepers take care of about 200 milking cows plus calves and recruitment, a total of about 500 cattle. Currently we produce about 2.2 million kilograms of milk per year.

The animals are fed with a mix of HP-mass, silage, maize, rapeseed meal, draff and straw. Milk cows are fed even with concentrates.

Female calves are reared to the recruitment and bull calves are sold to milch cattle brokerage at about 2 months of age.

The animals go in groups and are released each year on pasture roughly from May to September depending on the weather.

Warm welcome to our cow drop in May.

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