Conference -
Trolle Ljungby


Conference with time for a tasteful adventure (5-15 persons)

In the brewery’s premises on the farm we will be happy conferences in beautiful environment spiced with flavors from the farm.
Together with the products from the wild meat shop and our partners Charlis Brygghus, Minas Chocolate Studio Sotnosens Sausage and Catering, we tailor a conference that suits you.

To us, do you take easy, whether you come from Kristianstad Sölvesborg, Hässleholm or Karlshamn. From Kristianstad offers easy by direct train to and from Malmö, Stockholm or Copenhagen.

Lives are you either Axeltorp which is a bit more secluded and close to nature, or Espetorp which is located adjacent to the estate. Obviously both of our places all the amenities.

Food and drinks during the conference

In addition to fully equipped conference rooms, we think good food belongs to during a conference. So why not make a visit to the Wild Constance which also offers catering services in cooperation with Sotnosens Sausage and Catering, Charlis Brygghus and Minas Chocolate Studio as a tasteful and exciting dining options? In the assortment you will find, among other things partridges, goose, wild boar and deer.

Since 2014, Charlis Brygghus at Trolle Ljungby and here you can not only get the taste experience of a good beer, but also get to learn the history of beer and how to brew the best beer.

After good food and drink, what does not fit better then than a luxurious piece of chocolate? Minas Chocolate Studio manufactures custom chocolates, and here you can learn how it is possible to create tasty wonders for yourself. In Minas also served chocolate breakfast some weeks in the form of a buffet of chocolate characters.

Activities during the conference

After sitting still during your conference and experienced the good food, it might be nice to stretch your body a little. Not far from the conference venue is the beautiful Ivösjön. In Wetlandi in Axeltorp you can rent a canoe and paddle out on the adventure of Ivösjön archipelago or at Holjeåns lush surroundings.

Do you like to fish? In Ivösjön you can catch pike, walleye, perch and salmon. However, the need for a fishing permit for anglers over 16 years. Around the lake are also several nature trails for both hiking and biking. Take the opportunity to experience the tranquility and enjoy the rich bird life. Ivösjön has many islets and islands with beautiful greenery and there is also the possibility to stay overnight in tents or shelters.

Worth a visit is also Bodelssons by the Sea, an organic mini hotel with great views, wonderful food and warm ambiance.

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For more information, prices and bookings please contact Carl-Fredrik on or call 044 550 43