Hunting -
Trolle Ljungby



On Trolle Ljungby about 12 000 hectares, carried on an extensive hunting and trapping activities.

We are two full-time employees who look to the wild on the approximately 8,000 hectares of our own power.

From Ryssberget hilly terrain in the north to the plains down to the south one finds abundant field game, good cloven trunks and big game such as elk and wild boar.

We also engaged in breeding and release of pheasants, partridges and mallards. Trolle Ljungby can be in two large fenced preserves, offering stunning trofehjortar on both the crown and fallow deer. Call maybe we can customize something for you or your hunting friends!

Linus Larsson: 070-518 83 91


Photographer: Finn Sakslev Andersen